If you want to CHANGE your body, first you need to change your MINDSET. The OG personal trainers have that extra education, knowledge, and experience to provide you with the tools necessary to help you have that body you always wanted. So book one of these premiere trainers and get that body you always wanted.


Fitness is something I never expected to fall in love with. My story starts with a person who was tired of their lifestyle, tired of being uncomfortable in their own skin and ready to make a change. My first personal trainer helped me fall in love with a healthy lifestyle and thus sparked my love for the gym and passion for helping others. To me, there is nothing better than my clients making progress no matter what that may look like. I have been a personal trainer and certified nutritionist for 5 (five) years now. I take on all kinds of clients, people looking to live a healthier lifestyle, athletes with specific goals, weight loss, muscle gain, rehab, you name it, I do it! Outside of training, I spend my time with my two dogs exploring anywhere new and exciting. I love to travel, be around genuine people, and am always ready for a new adventure.


I have practiced martial arts for twelve years and taught for over five years. I combine elements of boxing, Muay Thai, and self-defense for customized one on one training. Whether you're a pro fighter or throwing your first punch, I will help you develop your skills, build confidence, and have fun. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and use proven methods for weight loss, strength and conditioning, and cardiovascular endurance. I offer personal training and martial arts training, and can combine both to help you meet your goals!


I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer because I love helping, motivating, and pushing your mind to unbelievable measures. I have been in sports all of my life with softball and volleyball. Began weightlifting in high school through college. Most recently started competing as a bikini athlete in bodybuilding. I have such a passion for health and fitness. My goal is to help you both physically and mentally through your journey every step of the way!


Over 20 years of professional personal training experience. No matter what your goal may be...to gain muscle , lose fat , contest prep or make a healthy lifestyle change we will work together in the relentless pursuit of that goal. I will provide you with safe, effec-tive , educational guidance with your workouts as well as nutrition and supplement guidance. I’m a firm believer in practicing what I preach and will never ask you to anything I haven’t done personally myself and with hundreds of satisfied and successful clients. The time is now...Set a goal to get in the best shape of your life let me help you become a unstoppable in achieving that goal.


With a degree as a Health Fitness Specialist and current IFBB Classic Physique Pro, I’m here to teach you my methods and techniques I’ve learned throughout the 15 years of training. My approach will show you the most effective route to not only reach your goals but maintain them as well and even set new ones. If you’re somebody who’s driven and motivated, then let’s do the damn thing.


I am a Bronx New York native who proudly served 10 years in the Marine Corps. Many know me as a combat sport athlete with multiple disciplines in Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jujitsu. I received my masters in Health and Wellness Counseling from Liberty University. In addition, I am a certified personal training and MMA conditioning coach. I believe it’s important to tailor workout programs to each individual client and develop a proven yet trusted relationship. Whether it is to lose weight, improve strength, build muscle, or tone up, I am committed to helping you achieve your goals.


Greg has an extensive background in Athletic Performance Training, learning/training under some of the best in the business (Joe Kenn Former Carolina panthers strength coach and Buddy Morris Current University of Pittsburg/Arizona Cardinals Strength coach). Greg is well known for being a speed guy, timed at 4.37 in the 40 when playing in college and the CFL. His passion lies in making his athletes as fast and explosive as possible while keeping the flexibility and strength needed to be standouts. If you are looking for someone to elevate your athletic performance, Greg is your guy! He also excels in Adult fitness if you are looking for that summer/beach body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


I believe in the importance of self-improvement and personal development. We often view our personal fitness as strictly exercise and nutrition. However, true fitness is much more about self-improvement and development. To reach the actualization of true fitness a person must invest in their health and by doing so it creates an environment of constant improvement and growth. My practice consists of a variety of methods such as hypertrophy, strength/weight, high intensity interval, functional, cross fit, circuit, endurance/cardio-vascular, and sports related training. I have an unmatched passion to help others. I enjoy the progress as much as I do in seeing a client reach a desired fitness goal.