We are more than muscles, we are progress with purpose. Our passion is people and helping every community we touch practice a more healthier lifestyle. We pride ourselves on delivering an industry unique approach to fitness with our culture cages. Our blueprint is designed to support every fitness demographic from Bodybuilding, Strongman/Woman, Powerlifting, Arm Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, Functional Training, to Premier/Elite Sports Training, all while cultivating a family friendly welcoming environment. We have strong partnerships with unique and differentiated equipment brands that allow us to disrupt the fitness industry while providing a more modern training experience. Let us be your first stop on your journey to a more healthy and fit lifestyle!

From ancient greeks to modern day athletes, we have drawn inspiration from the artistic fashion of pushing the human body to extraordinary levels. This competitive regimen has born out some amazing male and female athletes. Our culture cages and unique training equipment has lured these amazing athletes to roam among us providing daily motivation and inspiration.

Women are the bedrock of our society and it is no different in the fitness community. We are blessed to have the strongest and most badass women leading and motivating our younger generation of future strong women. STRONGMAN/STRONGWOMAN has become one of the most exciting sports to participate in and watch. We are honored to provide a training environment for these amazing athletes

Records are meant to be broken and so are those selfimposed limits we set on ourselves. The sport of powerlifting has become one of the greatest sports on the face of the earth. As a certified training facility for the USPA, we have attracted many male/female world record holders who train on the best equipment in their quest to continue to break state, national, and world records.

A cult-like community consisting of strength and conditioning routines has become super popular in recent years. This competitive conditioning has become the ethos of our core members who have a staunch passion for fitness, fitness endurance, and motivating those around them.

Fitness has no boundaries or age limits and some of our most motivational and inspirational members are in the PRIME of their life. It is a constant reminder that fitness has become embedded in our daily routine and lifestyle.


The Office Gym has a full selection of equipment and amenities such as:

  • Personal Training
  • Free Weights
  • Weight Machines
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Tanning Beds
  • Functional Fitness
  • Group Fitness
  • USPA Certified Training Facility
  • 24/7/365 Access
  • Locker Rooms With Saunas